Mike Craig’s passion is Renewable Energy. His primary focus is the deliverance of residential and commercial power to as many states as he possibly can reach. Mike works with energy companies to better product offering with the end user in mind. Mike earned his Bachelors and Master degree in Computer Science while growing up in Golden, CO. Mike worked for Department of Energy while attending school and learning power grid control. Mike earned his NERC & FERC as well WCSS certifications. Mike has operated different types of generators including natural gas power units to larger hydro-electric dams.

For the past 10 years Mike has focused on Solar and Battery technology. Mike’s passion is driven by his own testing and work at the residential level and seeing first hand the savings that is achieved by implementing energy saving products like solar and battery. Mike has worked in 7 states with many different Utilities working with different rate plans and coming up with solutions for over 6,000 homeowners.

Mike currently lives in Phoenix, AZ working with solar companies and homeowner for the best possible solution for their power needed while engineering more efficient inverter and battery technology products for market offerings.

Johnnie Richardson is a Partner and General Manager for AAA Certified Solar located in North Las Vegas. Johnnie earned his NABCEP Certification and is a Licensed Master Electrician in Nevada, Utah, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico and Idaho. Johnnie spent twenty years working as an electrician with the IBEW and eight years working as an electrical instructor. Johnnie believes solar is freedom for all and should be priced at or below grid parity for points of true value. Solar liberates users from the control and inflated prices of the utility companies. Johnnie’s training in the IBEW has taught him to take pride in his work, and his faith teaches him to treat everyone as they would like to be treated. The reason Johnnie entered the solar industry was because it made sense and he could see the value and freedom it provides. Solar is an engine that is driving America today.