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Don’t know what to do if you get an error code? Wondering why your power bill is so high? Need your solar system working again? No electrical output by panels? Solar Fix AZ offers professional solar panel inspection services to help find your solar problems and get your system working again. We offer professional solar panel repair and replacement. Our solar inspectors can find nearly any residential or commercial solar problem you are experiencing. We are licensed, bonded, and insured ROC# 323541.



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What does Solar Panel Inspection include?

A solar panel inspection is needed to make sure your system is set up property, working, connected to the grid, mounted correctly, and labeled for safe and secure operation. Solar panel inspections typically include:

  • Inspect solar panels
  • Inspect solar wiring
  • Bonding & Grounding inspection
  • Electrical overcurrent inspection
  • Monitoring inspection
  • Penetrations and Mounts inspection
  • Labeling inspection
  • Conduit inspection
  • & more.

How Much Does a Solar Panel Inspection Cost?

On average, a solar panel inspection costs $225, with average prices ranging from $150 to $300 in the US for 2019.

Solar Panel Inspection Report

Our Solar Panel Inspection Report covers everything you need to understand the value of your solar system to be used when deciding whether to Buy or Sell a PV Solar home.

  • A Real system Evaluation, is it Performing?
  • Understand the Value of Your PV System
  • Avoid a Leaving Money On The Table
  • Help Home Appraiser Assess Your Home
  • Third Party Independent Evaluation
  • Learn The Life Left In Your System
  • Prove Higher Value When Listing
  • Use In Buying Negotiations
Solar Panel Inspection Report

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