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peak cool mini split system

Cool Your House During Peak Hours with the Peak Cool Mini Split System

• Use Sun to Cool During Peak Hours
• Won’t Affect your Monthly Power Bill*
Discount on Additional Rooms
• Stay Cool ALL Summer Long!

"The price was in budget and they were able to accommodate our roofer's schedule."
"I highly recommend Solar Fix for their caring approach and top-notch service!"
"Very refined process in place here with lots of communication."

What is the Peak Cool Mini Split System?

The Peak Cool System uses
4 Solar Panels connected to a Mini Split AC Unit, and a noiseless outdoor Compressor

to cool a limited interior space, but because the Mini Split unit has a built-in inverter, it’s possible to power the Mini Split AC unit during peak daylight hours without drawing power from the grid.*

The Problem:

If you’ve been in Arizona for a while then you know that some rooms just run hot.

You don’t have to suffer, or break the bank to cool these rooms.

Introducing the…
peak cool mini split system
peak cool system diagram

The Solution:

The Peak Cool System, utilizes Solar Panels, a Mini Split AC unit, and an Outdoor Compressor to add ductless air conditioning to any room you choose.

But more impressive, because the Mini Split unit has a built-in inverter, you can power the unit during peak hours without adding to your power bill.*

So your bill stays low and your house stays cool!

peak cool system diagram

Even Better, Cool the WHOLE House!

The more rooms you add, the bigger the discount!

When scheduling our team to install the Peak Cool System, if you add additional rooms, you help offset the cost, how?

– Our technician is already scheduled
– It’s only one truck roll
– Our costs go down the more units we buy

Maximize Your Saving, and Add those additional rooms when you schedule, you wont regret it!

peak cool system diagram

The Peak Cool Mini Split System

The Peak Cool Mini Split System is a cutting-edge solution to the problem of hot rooms in Arizona homes.

Combining solar panels, a mini-split AC unit, and an outdoor compressor, this system effectively cools any designated space. What sets it apart is its built-in inverter, allowing it to operate solely on solar power during peak daylight hours, without relying on the grid.* This not only keeps your house cool but also slashes your energy bills.

Moreover, the system offers even greater savings when you add more rooms. By leveraging economies of scale and streamlining installation processes, additional rooms translate to bigger discounts, making it an attractive option for homeowners looking to maximize savings while keeping their entire house comfortably cool.

peak cool system unit

Take Control of Your Comfort with our Peak Cool System:
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Don’t let hot rooms ruin your comfort or inflate your energy bills any longer.

With the Peak Cool Mini Split System, you can enjoy efficient and affordable cooling powered by solar energy. Take the first step towards a cooler, more cost-effective home by scheduling your installation now.

Beat the heat and maximize your savings with Peak Cool. Contact us today to learn more and book your appointment!

Finance Your Peak Cool System!

*The Peak Cool System should operate during peak daylight hours to harness sufficient solar power for efficient functioning. If the system operates after peak daylight hours, it will rely on the grid for power, like other appliances.

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