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If you’re looking for “solar panel removal and reinstall near me” or “solar panel removal companies near me” in Phoenix, AZ, Solar Fix AZ can help! Homeowners commonly need to solar panel removal to replace a roof or receive roof repairs. You need a professional solar technician to remove solar panels from your roof and reinstall them after the roof work is done. We can help with Solar R&R’s. We are a licensed, bonded, and insured solar panel removal and reinstall company ROC# 323541.



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Solar Panel Removal & Reinstall Before & After

What does Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall Process include?

Solar panel removal and reinstall is needed for homeowners that have solar panels installed on their roof and plan on repairing or replacing their roofing system. The solar panel removal and reinstallation process includes:

Unplug solar panels from power wires

Step 1. Unplug solar panels from power wires

Solar Panel Removal

Step 2. Unmount the solar panels

Solar Panels Removed

Step 3. Remove the solar panels from roof

Solar Panels and Racking Removal

Step 4. Uninstall roof attachments and racking

Storing Solar Panels on Side of House

Step 5. Store solar panels temporarily

After your roof repairs or replacement is complete, the solar panel reinstallation process includes:

Clean Dirty Solar Panels

Step 1. Clean dirty solar panels

Removing Solar Panels

Step 2. Reinstall roof attachments and racking

Solar Panel Reinstall

Step 3. Remount and reinstall the solar panels to roof

Unplug solar panels from power wires

Step 4. Plugin solar panels to power wires and test system

How Much Does a Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall Cost in Phoenix, AZ?

Solar Panel Removal and Reinstall Cost Phoenix, AZ

Alternative Energy says, “The average cost to remove and reinstall solar panels is about $3,750. “On average, residential installations tend to cost somewhere between $1,500 to $6,000 to remove and reinstall. This is not inclusive of the cost required to replace your actual roof.“, according to EnergySage.

Solar Panel Removal Before Roof Work 

  1. The solar panel removal process starts with documenting main solar system parts.
  2. We take photos of the panel array locations.
  3. Turn the solar system off
  4. Remove the solar panels
  5. Removal wiring grounds and homeruns
  6. Unwire Combo / J-Box
  7. Removal panel racking
  8. Remove flashings
  9. Remove POAs (Points of Attachements)
  10. Seal holes in roof until roofers arrive
  11. Store parts on-site in an organized way

Solar Panel Reinstall After Roof Work

  1. Look at photos of original array layout
  2. Meaure / mark roof for POAs
  3. Layout hum run connects to the combiner box or J box
  4. Drill into trusses for POAs
  5. Install POA while weatherproofring
  6. Install flashing
  7. Install solar panels
  8. Wire combiner box / Junction box
  9. Test voltage levels for each string
  10. Turn solar inverter on
  11. Take photos of working system

Solar Panel Inspection Report

Our Solar Panel Inspection Report covers everything you need to understand the value of your solar system to be used when deciding whether to Buy or Sell a PV Solar home.

  • A Real system Evaluation, is it Performing?
  • Understand the Value of Your PV System
  • Avoid a Leaving Money On The Table
  • Help Home Appraiser Assess Your Home
  • Third Party Independent Evaluation
  • Learn The Life Left In Your System
  • Prove Higher Value When Listing
  • Use In Buying Negotiations
Solar Panel Inspection Report

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