Solar Fix

Consumer Solar Report

Report covers everything you need to understand the value of your solar system to be used when deciding whether to Buy or Sell a PV Solar home.

To Complete your order we are going to need:

⇨ Solar lease or contract

⇨ Recent utility bill

⇨ ​If you have one, a monitoring snapshot

Please create a layout first. watch this video to learn customize layouts

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Call today and set up your personalized inspection!

✔ Solar Inspection: This includes taking photos of all equipment in your solar system i.e. above, below, and around your solar array(s), inverter(s), disconnect switches, and Main Service Panel (MSP) which includes the back-feeding breaker.

✔ Report Created: This is generated from all equipment installed including photos. Inspector notes: system size, meet NEC code, if it is grounded properly, flashing / weather-proof, solid installation, bird proof and other personal notes taken during the inspection.

✔ Warranty Information: You will be informed if the system is under warranty.

✔ Report: You will be provided a detailed solar generation report, broken out monthly and summed up for the year, for power output and monetary savings.

✔ Q&A Session: Review the Solar Inspection Report and make a list of any questions you may have, then we will go over each of them. Transparency is our ultimate goal with each customer.

NOTE: We offer Face Time inspections upon request, for safety or convenience for anyone.