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The Best Professional Solar System Repair & Panel Replacement Services in AZ

SolarFIX AZ is a group of solar repair technicians that have been in the industry for decades. We specialize in Solar Repair, Removal, Reinstallation, and Inspection.

We have seen just about every solar inverter, solar panel, or solar racking system out there and have the skills and tools necessary to fix your solar problem professionally and affordably.

"The price was in budget and they were able to accommodate our roofer's schedule."
"I highly recommend Solar Fix for their caring approach and top-notch service!"
"Very refined process in place here with lots of communication."

The 1# Purveyor of Solar Repair, Removal, Reinstallation, and Inspection in Phoenix, AZ and Surrounding Areas

SolarFIX AZ is licensed, bonded, and insured ROC# 323541.

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Solar Panel Repair

Don’t know what to do if you get an error code? Wondering why your power bill is so high? Need your solar system working again? No electrical output by panels? SolarFIX AZ offers professional solar panel repair services to help fix your solar problems and get your system working again.

Solar Panel Replacement

Are your solar panels cracked, shattered, or badly broken? Sometimes small debris like rocks or loose bolts can damage your solar panels which are normally less expensive to replace than repair. We can help with solar panel replacement.


Solar Panel Removal & Reinstall

Homeowners commonly need to remove and reinstall their solar panels when getting roof repairs or a new roof installation. You need a professional solar technician to properly remove your solar panels and replace them after the roof work is done. We can help with Solar R&R’s.

Roofer Services

Optimize your roofing projects with the leading Roofer Removal and Reinstall Services in Phoenix, AZ.


Solar Panel Inspection

A solar panel inspection is needed to make sure your system is set up property, working, connected to the grid, mounted correctly, and labeled for safe and secure operation.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Looking for solar panel maintenance in Phoenix? Not sure what to do if you get an error code? Wondering why your power bill is so high? Need your solar system inspected?


How Much Does Your PV System Increase Your Homes Value?

Find Out the ACTUAL Value of a Solar System When Buying or Selling a House

The Solar System on the house you are selling / buying has value, but how much? Should you have it removed? Should you sell it with the house? Should you get out of the lease?

Knowing the answer to these questions could literally save you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS. These questions and more are answered in our report.

The SolarFIX Solar Inspection Report helps you decide which course of action would be more cost effective and beneficial.


What’s In The Report?

Our SolarFIX Solar Inspection Report is a comprehensive assessment on the TRUE VALUE of your PV System.

The report will help you answer the following questions.

✔ What is the value of the solar system on your roof?
​✔ What are my solar system options?
✔ How much time is left in my solar system?
​✔ What can break in the next five years?
✔ ​Does my solar system have equity?
✔ ​Does the home appraiser know what to look for?

Every minute you wait to get SolarFIX Solar Inspection Report is another minute You could leave money on the table. Put the power of the SolarFIX Solar Inspection Report to work for you so you can quickly and easily understand the value of your solar system.

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