Solar Panels Not Working
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Solar Panels Not Working? Here’s How to Check

If you are searching for phrases such as “solar panels not working” or “how to check if your solar panels are working”, you most likely have a solar system installed already and aren’t sure if you are receiving all of the benefits that were promised to you when you got your system installed.

Most solar systems will work as expected, but if you really want to find out whether yours are working or not, here are 5 things to check to ensure your panels are working correctly.

1. Check Weather Conditions

Solar panels work on rainy days but not as much as bright and sunny days. While cloudy or rainy outside, your panels will put out about 10 to 25 percent of their capacity. However, don’t get stuck on the thought that this one detail can sway your power bill enough to make a difference over the month.

2. Check Solar Inverter

Your solar inverter is what controls the entire solar system. If something is wrong with your inverter, it can affect the system’s potential savings. The efficiency of your solar panels depends on their connection. There are different types of inverters including direct current (DC)-optimizers, microinverters, and traditional inverters. Check to see if there are any orange or red indicator lights on, this could mean that something is wrong with your solar system and you need a solar inspection.

3. Check Solar Meter

The solar meter is responsible for monitoring the production of your solar system and also sharing that info with your solar installer. Check to see how many kilowatt-hours your solar panels are producing. If your kW hours are decreasing you should definitely get your solar system inspected.

4. Check Power Bill

Check your electricity bill to see if you are paying less than before you got your solar panels installed. According to SunRun, “Going solar can significantly reduce or eliminate your electric bill.” You should be paying less and/or being credited the money back for the excess energy your system is producing.

5. Check Solar Company

how to check if your solar panels are working

If you think your solar system isn’t producing as expected, check with your solar company to make sure everything is set up correctly and maybe have a tech come out to test the system. If you are worried about the solar company’s claims and want a second opinion, get another company to come out and test it.

How to Test a Solar Panel

According to Solar Feeds, “To determine the power that the solar panel is dissipating, you need to measure the wattage and voltage. You need to have a panel tester that is known as an amp meter. Attach the meter to the positive and negative so that you measure the amp output of your solar panels.”

If you have confirmed that your solar panels are not working you might need solar panel repair or solar panel replacement.

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